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Every Dad Better

Our mission is to get you healthy, Dad. We invite you to take our free 5-Day Healthy Dad Challenge where we’ll talk through what a healthy dad is and how to become one.


Your Kids Deserve the best You

You grow up, get married, have kids, and your health becomes priority #26.
Our mission is to change that.
A healthy dad leads to a healthy family.

Most dads I know are surviving, not thriving. When they became a dad they lost their identity.

We need to take back our identity. Our purpose. Our “why”.

Our families deserve the best dad we can be. And that’s where Healthy Dads comes in. We, all of us, will be better together.


Getting your body in shape is just one dimension of a healthy dad.
Our mission is to get your whole-life healthy.
6 Dimensions of a Healthy Dad:

Being a new dad I knew my health would take a hit. I’m thankful that was there to give me easy, actionable, training to make like a little easier.

Brian Benson, New Dad and Startup Founder


Tired, overweight, crabby dad. That was me in the summer of 2016.
That’s when I decided things need to change.

“The exact blueprint I used to lose 18lbs in 30 days on my own Healthy Dad journey. I feel great!”
– Mike Ruman

Well, how’d it go? For me I lost 10 lbs. But this was also supplemented by regular exercise. But for 3 weeks, not a bad way to start the year! More than anything, this helped me kick my energy drink habit, which was doing a number to my waistline

Carter Thomas Irvin, Dad


In this challenge we’ll work through all 6 Dimensions of a Healthy Dad:

We’ll talk about what these dimensions are and offer up some ways to level up our lives in each of these dimensions.

Each day we’ll have some learning and training in it but also some challenges you can do to level up your life quickly.

Its five days to a healthier you. Give it a shot.

Take the Healthy Dads Challenge