Why Every Dad Needs A Man Purse … And 5 Socially Acceptable Options

Indiana Jones, Kanye West, John Mayer, Jerry Seinfeld (It’s European!!!).

What do all these manly men have in common? Yep, you guessed it, they all carry man purses. As a dad you should, too.

7 Parenting Strategies I Learned From Fighting

Recently I had my first fight. Like a real fight. Like two guys in the ring duking it out. Yeah, it was as crazy as that sounded. I’m 39, run my own freelancer business, I’m a part-time stay-at-home dad (with four kids), enrolled in seminary for my master’s degree,...

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Yes I Wrestled An Alligator to Prove a Point to My Kid

If you listen to the Healthy Dads Podcast you'll hear me introduced as: Mike 'I once wrestled an alligator to prove a point to my kid' Ruman That is 100% true. Here's the video, and the why is below. Why would I wrestle an alligator? I have a few reasons why but for...

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Building (and Implementing) Your Own Miracle Morning

If you want to change someone's life start by changing their day. - Pat Flynn Having a consistent morning routine will transform your life. It will help make sure your day gets started correctly and consistently. At HealthyDads.com we don't go into the 'why' of things...

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Why I’m Fighting

I'm 39-years old and training for my first fight. When I tell people that they usually have this weird look on their face and respond with one of these choices: "What the ...???" "Why???" "Are you having a mid-life crisis?" "Have you talked to a therapist???" "Are you...

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7 Shopping Hacks To Find Home Fitness Equipment for Less

Gym memberships can be expensive. I understand. Gym equipment can be expensive. I understand. Those are still not good excuses to not workout. We’ll cover which pieces of equipment you need to build your own Healthy Dads Home Gym. This post will cover how to find...

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5 Christmas Gifts Every Healthy Dad Must Have

It's that time of year. Let's make it count for your health! Below are 5 MUST HAVE gifts you need to ask for ... unless you already have them. Pedometer There are TONS of health trackers out there. Honestly, most of them are really good. I love my FitBit Charge. It's...

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The Daily Vitamins Every Dad Must Be Taking

Not going to go into much of the "why" of needing daily vitamins. Just which ones you need and why you need them. Multivitamin Be careful that the daily vitamin you pick is not loaded with sugar. My personal choice is the Vitafusion Multivitamin. Low in sugar, high in...

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My Secret Ingredient to My Healthy Lifestyle: Colostrum

Colostrum is one of those words that just kinda sounds gross when you say it. Colostrum. And when you find out what it is you may be even more grossed out. Colostrum - the first secretion from the mammary glands after giving birth, rich in antibodies. When I told a...

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