Colostrum is one of those words that just kinda sounds gross when you say it. Colostrum.

And when you find out what it is you may be even more grossed out.

Colostrum the first secretion from the mammary glands after giving birth, rich in antibodies.

When I told a friend about my Couch to Fight journey he recommended I check out colostrum. According to him:

  • He’s never felt better.
  • His skin is amazing (and it was).
  • His wife food allergies were pretty much gone.

“Ok, maybe there’s something to this.”

I was open to anything (that is legal) to help with my fight journey, so I gave colostrum a shot. It hasn’t dissapointed.

Benefits of Using Colostrum

  • Perfect combination of Growth Factors, Immune Factors, Essential Factors and Metabolic Factors!
  • Colostrum6 increases strength, stamina, performance and recovery; for the athlete or the working person!
  • Promotes healthy intestinal flora, supports the entire GI tract and gives you all you need for a better functioning immune system!
  • Encourages cellular re-growth for healthy skin, bones, muscles, nerves and cartilage, making you more youthful and providing wellness!

Sounds good, right?

This was what sold me on trying it:

  1. Anti-Aging Factors
  2. Immune Factors
  3. Essential Factors
  4. Basics and Metabolic Factors

How to Ingest Colostrum

The package says to mix it with water. I didn’t have much luck with that. It doesn’t exactly dissolve in water.

I either:

  • Mix it in my green smoothie or protein shake – can’t taste it at all.
  • Eat it raw – like doing a shot, down the hatch, then rinse with water.

Effects from Colostrum

I’m 38 when I started my fight journey. My first night in the gym was hard. I was expecting not to be able to walk the next day, but that was not the case. I contribute alot of that to the colostrum that I was taking.

More Info on Colostrum

Colostrum6 6.5oz Powder perfectly formed natural Nano-technology for balancing the body and helping with Rejuvenation, Regeneration and Immune Enhancement & Regulation. With over 700 constituents in their “whole food” form, this first food gives us all of the Anti-Aging Factors, Immune Factors, Essential Factors, Basics and Metabolic Factors which allows your body to fully absorb this first food giving us what we need for Youth, Health and Vitality!

FANTASTIC for people wanting to enhance their protein shakes and see even greater results! Our natural Chymosin coating protects and insures bio-availability. Without this natural protection, the constituents found within colostrum can be destroyed by stomach acids.

Should you use colostrum?

Colostrum has been the perfect complement to the other supplements that I take. More about those later.

If you’re looking for a leg up on the competition, want better-looking skin, and overall feel better then I would recommend using colostrum.

Give it a shot for a month, see how you feel and look. If it’s not for you then move on. But for me it’s had huge positive results.