If you want to change someone’s life start by changing their day.
– Pat Flynn

Having a consistent morning routine will transform your life.

It will help make sure your day gets started correctly and consistently.

At HealthyDads.com we don’t go into the ‘why’ of things much, and the same here. Studies have show your morning routine will help dictate the direction of your mood, health, decision making, and more.

Bottom line: It’s good to have a morning routine.

Below is my morning routine. I suggest trying it and then adapting it for you.

Please do not do these when you first wake up:

  • Do not turn on cell phones or tablets
  • Do not turn on TV
  • Do not take a phone call
  • Do not check social media

Mornings are for you.

This routine may require you to wake up 30-60 minutes earlier. If you’re committed to being a Healthy Dad that is one of the sacrifices you’ll need to make.

Mike’s Morning Routine

  1. Brush teeth.
  2. Go to bathroom (if needed).
  3. Drink water. At least a glass. I try and do 1/3 of my daily water intake first thing when I get up.
  4. Read something uplifting/motivational. For me this is the Bible and also another book. (10-15 minutes)
  5. Do something physical. (7-15 minutes)
    1. 10-15 minute walk.
    2. 7 Minute exercise.
    3. Yoga.
  6. Fill out your Performance Planner.
    1. Set your goals for the day.
    2. Visit your goals for the week.
  7. Eat breakfast.
    1. Grab something from our Recipe Library or create something (healthy) on your own.
    2. Eat the same 2-4 meals each day.
  8. Have coffee/tea.
  9. Vitamins/supplements.

Other Items to Add-In (if you want)

  1. Meditation
    1. I like to do this after lunch to ‘reset my day but feel free to do it in the morning.
  2. Kids
    1. Ideally you don’t want to have kids around during your routine. Mine wake up early sometimes. Bring them into your routine. Let them know what you are doing, let them create their own miracle morning.

What about you? What are your morning routines (if any)?


But Mike, what if I miss a day?

A Healthy Dad believes in doing the next right thing. If you get thrown off for a morning don’t beat yourself up. Just focus on the next morning routine. We’re looking for progress, not perfection.

What if I’m traveling?

Still do it. Modify it to fit your schedule, but still get your routine in.

What equipment do I need?

Mostly just a chair.