I’m 39-years old and training for my first fight.

When I tell people that they usually have this weird look on their face and respond with one of these choices:

  • “What the …???”
  • “Why???”
  • “Are you having a mid-life crisis?”
  • “Have you talked to a therapist???”
  • “Are you going to die?”
  • “Are you dying?”

Let me explain myself and where this whole fight journey started.

  1. I used to train … before kids. I loved it. Stress reliever for me and an amazing community of fighters that I got to hang out with.
  2. My trainer, Eric Lalone, and I built a site this summer called Train Martial Arts (trainmartialarts.com).
  3. I’m a marketer. I had an idea. What if I trained and fought and used trainmartialarts.com to help me with my training? Then I could tell others about the site and how they could use it as well to get in fight shape.
  4. I talked with Eric about fighting. We worked through a training schedule that wouldn’t interfere (much) with my family and work life. This was doable.
  5. I talked with my “inner circle” of friends. They said go for it.
  6. I talked with my wife. She said go for it.
  7. I talked to my kids. They said “are you going to die?”. I said no.
  8. I wanted to get healthy. I hit the scale at 205lbs this summer. The heaviest I’ve ever been. I didn’t feel good, look good, was crabby. Something needed to change.

So I started fight training. September 1st was my first day in the gym.

In the first 30-days I dropped 18lbs. Training and diet. I felt good, looked good, slept better.

I wanted to share this journey with others. I know a lot of dads out there that need to get off their couch and get in shape. I build tools to help parents. Couch to Fight was born.

Fight Update

I’m nearly three months into fight training. It has not been easy. But it’s been good. I should be fighting in the next 2 months.

Couch to Fight

Did I mention that I build tools to help parents? I took my training, diet, mental states and put them into a program called Couch to Fight. It’s a step-by-step guide to getting in fight shape. It’s 30 days. It doesn’t require much. It’s something most dads out there can do. And if you say ‘I don’t have time’ well when I did my first 30 days I:

  1. Ran my own company
  2. Was a stay-at-home dad
  3. Had surgery
  4. Had a death in the family
  5. (you’ll see what other obstacles I faced if you take the challenge)

Take Action

The Couch to Fight program will be available soon. Join our Facebook Group to learn more.