It’s that time of year. Let’s make it count for your health!

Below are 5 MUST HAVE gifts you need to ask for … unless you already have them.


There are TONS of health trackers out there. Honestly, most of them are really good. I love my FitBit Charge. It’s decently priced ($199). Durable. Keeps track of steps, calories, built-in-workouts, and more.

Smoothie Shaker

Tired of the chalky taste of protein powder? Have no fear, buy a Blender Bottle!

Bluetooth Headphones

I held out on Bluetooth headphones for way too long. The first day I got a pair I was scolding myself for not getting a pair sooner.

Soma Water Filter Pitcher

If you’ve taken our Water Challenge you understand the need to get the right amount of water every day.

Subscription to Rise App (

Rise is my health coach in my pocket app. Rise connects users to health coaches.

The app includes:

  • Food diary
  • Recipes
  • Chat with health coach
  • Health-coach-on-demand – At a restaurant and not sure what to order? Pull us Rise app and ask a health coach on demand what to eat. Within 3 minutes you’ll get connected to a coach to answer your question.