What’s great about complaining is that most of us do it, which means it’s a problem worth solving. We are a society of chronic complainers. Misery loves company, eh?

Startups, tech companies are spending millions of dollars trying to help all of us break bad habits (complaining and negative thoughts) and establish good habits (practicing gratitude).

We’ve researched the five best apps to help you stop complaining. These apps are helping establish good habits and routines in your life and breaking the bad ones.

There is a slew of apps out there that can help you stop complaining. We’re going to address this by giving you apps that help remind, encourage, and celebrate your journey through The Complaint Project.

The apps listed below are simple to use (yes, even a caveman could use them). Most are free, or at least the basic version is.

We’re going to tell you a bit about each app but also how to use the app with the challenge.

Apps to Help You Stop Complaining

  1. Alarm Clock (Free) – This is just the basic alarm clock app you have preinstalled on your phone. What we recommend is setting 2-3 alarms throughout the day to remind you to not complain. Alarms like “You got this, Mike!” or “Keep on Truckin’”. Something that makes you smile but also reminds you that you are on this journey. It feels good to get these little reminders each day.
  2. Coach.me (Free) – This app helps build habits, but you are also connected to a community of people. This helps give positive peer pressure to accomplish your challenge.
  3. Way of Life (Free) – Another habit-type app but this one is really between you, and you. Set up your challenge through the app, then check in on your progress. The app lets you set a daily reminder to check in. I like to set mine around 7pm each day to let the app know if I did (or didn’t) complete the challenge that day.
  4. Calendar (Free) – Much like the alarm clock but a little less in your face. Set up a couple blocks of time in your calendar to remind you to not complain.
  5. Freshmind (Free) – This app is a meditation app, and before you get spooked by meditation think of it like 5 minutes of rebooting your mind/body/soul. Feeling stressed? Open up Freshmind and take a quick breather.

There are many other great apps out there, but these are my top 5.

What about you? How do you develop good habits using apps?