If you listen to the Healthy Dads Podcast you’ll hear me introduced as:
Mike ‘I once wrestled an alligator to prove a point to my kid’ Ruman

That is 100% true.

Here’s the video, and the why is below.

Why would I wrestle an alligator?

I have a few reasons why but for this post I’m gonna talk about just one, to prove a point to my son.

My son Kyle is 6. He’s deathly afraid of learning to ride his bike. His younger sisters are cruising around on their bikes but not Kyle, nope he’s scared.

I wanted to show my son Kyle that:

  • We need to take risks in life
  • Scary things that get less scary when we accomplish them
  • Adventure is out there

Alligator Wrestling Day

We drove down to Mosca, Colorado to the Colorado Gator Farm. There is a really cool story behind the farm, we’ll get to that in a different post.

I signed up for the alligator wrestling class. For $100 they’ll teach you how to wrestle alligator, starting off with the small ones (who can still bite off your fingers) to the big ones (who can bite off even more).

We jumped into this small pool.

“Hey, be careful where you step, there is a snapping turtle underneath your left foot.” The trainer told me.

What did I get myself into?

Our instructor (Jason McDonald) is a crazy dude, check him out on Instagram, you’ll quickly see why.

Jason taught us how to capture the small (2-4 foot) gators.

Do not hesitate, if you hesitate you will get bit.”

At this point I actually had to step out of the pool. I’m not doing this. This is stupid. I like having all my fingers. I then looked over at my son Kyle. “Cmon Dad, you can do this.”

This is why I came, to show him that dad could conquer his own fears.

I jumped back into the pool and caught me some gators. Confidence levels were rising.

The Bigger Gators

We then ventured over to the bigger gators. Fear levels were rising.

This video below is from the guy who went in front of me. You’ll see:

  1. The trainer almost get bit.
  2. The camera guy almost get bit.
  3. Spectators freaking out.

Yeah, this was a great idea.